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Sneak Peeks of Rogue and Family

Here we have it ….. Best Dressed Family 2018!  And pretty darned cute as well.  Proud mum is Chihuahua cross Rogue (in the grown up’s dress of course) with equally proud dad, Jett (Chihuahua), sporting his natty pink tie.  And introducing their adorable fluff balls we have; Jack in the blue tie, PJ in pink tie (just like dadda’s!) and sweet little Mystique in her “mini mama’s” dress.  Awwww!  Look out Rogue, next thing you know she’ll be after your hairdryer and pearls!  And Jett, the way kids grow up so quickly these days, just make sure you keep your car keys away from those boys for a while yet!  Probably most proud of all, is this fabulous fluffy family’s human parents – and who could blame them.   A Quintet of Cuteness!
chihuahua cross puppy wearing blue and white collar and tietri colour chihuahua cross puppysweet fluffy chihuahua female puppydressed to impress mother and daughter chihuahua crossesdressed to impress family of chihuahus cross puppies with mum and dad

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