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Sneak Peeks of Jacques and Mamoo

Tres beau!  Handsome and happy are these Maltese-Lhasa Apso fur-bros, Jacques (brown and white) and Mamoo (black and white).  Slightly older of the two, Jacques is the “fearless protector” of their home and his human family pack.  What a guy!!  And when not on “duty”, this loyal boy is rather partial to a snooze on the couch, or snuggling up to his humans’ feet.  Mamoo, when he doesn’t have his mouth full of rope, is a bit of a “Mr Havachat” …. some may call that barking, but no doubt to Mamoo it’s simply keeping his family abreast on what’s happening in their world.  One always need to be informed, Mamoo – good work!    Jacques and Mamoo, barks and smiles to you too!
male maltese cross fur siblingshappy smile and wagging tail from maltese lhasa apso crosscheeky look from maltese cross with mouth full of ropesitting sweetly brown  and white maltese cross doglooking upwards black and white maltese cross


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