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Sneak Peeks of Chica

Wow!  “Chica” must mean “drop dead gorgeous” in some language?  If not, it should!   This stunning young German Shepherd girl is not only beautiful on the outside, but Chica is also a very gentle soul who loves children and being around people ….. and lapping up every bit of attention she can get.  Bet that’s real easy to get too, Chica!  Just look at that face and those beautiful big brown eyes!!   It would appear that Chica’s gentle streak doesn’t apply to big sticks though?  Reckon the big stick might be a few small twigs by now?  Haha!  Chica also loves going to the beach with her human dad and learning new tricks.  Chica, you are chockful of charm and one gorgeous gal!
stunning black german shepherd head on pawregal pose from shiny black german shepherd girlsmiling black german shepherd girl with giant stick in mouthhead tilting black female german shepherdblack german shepherd chewing on toy


  1. Michele on 20/04/2018 at 12:33 PM

    You have captured the true character
    Of this beautiful four legged friend

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