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Sneak Peeks of Stevie and Dusty

Bordering on perfection …. OK, so they are perfect ….. Border Collie fur-siblings Stevie (black and white) and Dusty (red and white) are the pair of apples of their human mama’s eyes.  Elder fur-sister, Stevie, is a very gentle girl which is reflected in her gorgeous big brown eyes.  But she is also her mama’s “adventure” partner, accompanying her on their long distant runs, creek walks, and beach trips.  What a health regime Stevie …. no wonder you look so beautiful!  Dusty, not yet one year old, is the “little devil” who thinks he can get away with everything …… don’t ask about the washing on the clothes line!  Well … not exactly on the clothes line by time Dusty has finished.  Oops!  Haha!  But Dusty’s always up for a cuddle with his mama as well …. and who could stay cross with those sparkling green eyes gazing lovingly at you?
pair of border collie fur-siblings long hair and short hairbeautiful black and white borer collie girlred and white short-haired border collie chasing pink ballsmiling face shot of black and white border collie girlhead tilting short haired red and white border collie boy

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