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Sneak Peeks of Jim

Jim, the Jack Russel, is not a small dog …. just ask him!  This cool dude “knows” he is a big dog and just look at that “I’m so tall” stance.  Full of determination and “tude” Jim is one of the big dog gang at the park (of course!) and loves to have a purpose, such as hangin’ with his human dad.  Jim’s big eyes and happy face reflect his high energy …… and he loves to go on walks and hikes with his dad.  Mum scores cuddles too, but then it’s off to the man cave to watch a game of footy with dad.   Jim, love ya work buddy – you are a star!
standing to attention male jack russellsweet look from older jack russell boyjack russell about to spring into actionjack russell playing with long rope toyJack Russell draped in cream snuggle rug

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