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Sneak Peeks of Frankie and Saffie

Get the “awww” meter running ……these sweeeet little fur-sisters are about to set it off!  Look at that loving kiss Saffie (red Miniature Dachshund) is planting on her little fur-sister Frankie (black and tan Miniature Dachshund).  Awwww!  (Told you!)  Whilst Frankie loves to curl up with her human mama, she’s a bit of a “dadda’s girl”.  When she’s not filling the house with stuffing from her toys, she loves to watch a game of footy with her dad …. Go Lions!!  Saffie loves to greet her family with puppy kisses, but with those big beautiful brown eyes, bet you get a few planted right back at ya, Saffie.  A Duo of Darling and Delightful Dashies!
kissing dachshunds fur-sisters one black and one redleaping black dachshund wearing brisbane lions jerseylong haired and long eared dachshund walkingred long haired dachshund wearing orange jerseyhappy black dashie with big smile

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