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Sneak Peeks of Pebbles and Bill

I’ve got it!  No, I’ve got it!  Guess we’ll never know who did get it?  But who cares?…. these two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pebbles (blue) and Bill (blue fawn) just love a good game and that’s what it’s all about.  Pebbles is slightly older fur-sister to her little …. and bigger ….. bro, Bill.  Pebbles is the more self-assured of the two and knows what she wants.  Gotta love a gal with confidence eh, Pebbles?  Bill loves the car (apparently even when it’s still parked in the garage!), and loves his routine …. especially if that means cuddles on the couch with his human mama whom he adores!  Pebbles and Bill, it’s easy to see that you two are fab fur-friends ……. the only possible competition between you could be who is the best looking?   Equally stunning we say!
face close up of blue staffie girlhead resting on ground blue fawn staffordshire terrier boypair of staffies having tug of war over pink soft toyrunning the ring - pair of staffies playing tug-o-warstaffordshire bull terrier fur-siblings blue girl and fawn blur boy

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