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Sneak Peeks of Tyrion

Terrific Tyrion (one for you Game of Throners!) is a playful young lad who pretty much loves everything and everyone ….. meeting people and other dogs, treats, going to the park, food, his plush toys …. and were treats mentioned?  ;-))   This kind and gentle fellow with the expressive face and big “joie de vivre” smile starts wagging that happy tail when there’s someone new to greet.  Awww!!  And once the excitement’s over, he loves nothing better than chill time, especially with his favourite plush pal.  You are a King of the Cavvies, Tyrion!
talking cavalier king charles spanielcavvy on the run with tail flyingregal sit from cavalier king charles spanielcavalier king charles spaniel snuggling with plush toySoulful look from cavalier king charles spaniel


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