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Sneak Peeks of Tango, Banjo and Tommy

Fine feathered friends, Tango (Sun Conure), Banjo (Platinum Cockatiel) and Tommy (Grey Cockatiel) make a stunning trio sitting together ….. rather looks like they might be solving the worries of the world at their meeting?  “How can we get ‘mum’ to give us more lychees and bananas?”  “How can we get ‘mum’ to leave more water bowls out for us to splash about in?”  These brilliant boys also act as ‘mum’s’ doorbell when visitors arrive.  And of the three Tango is the one with “tude”, even wolf whistling his “mum” when she gets home.  Haha!!  So whoever said modelling is for the birds ….. you got it in one!  Tango, Banjo and Tommy, you have nailed it! …. or possibly “clawed” it in this instance?
male grey cockatiel sitting on furnitureairborne platinum cockatielairborne male sun conureinquisitive sun conurefeatheerd friends platinum cockatiel, grey cockatiel and sun conure


  1. Fi Edmonds on 22/02/2018 at 10:18 AM

    Wow wow wow – these are just wonderful – thanks so much Ken for entertaining these ratbags and capturing such awesome images of their personalities. Fi.

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