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Sneak Peeks of Zelda and Link

Link to control tower ….. clear for take-off!  Well, who would have thought that a Maltese cross could fly? (almost!)  Link also has a range of “funny expressions”, but his gorgeous smile has to be the best one.   He is also younger fur-brother to sweet Zelda, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who her human parents refer to as a “Little Princess”.  And how regal does she look wrapped up in her “royal brown gown”?  Haha!  HRH Zelda will let her parents know when they are not opening the door fast enough for her too …… one must be obeyed at all times mustn’t one Zelda?  Cute kids – the pair of you!
giant leap from mottled black and white maltese crossjust hanging around - white chested black staffy crossfur-pals looking skyward staffy cross and maltese crosslr-fb-3snuggle bunny staffordshire bull terrier cross

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