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Sneak Peeks of Hilda

Sweet young Dachshund Hilda is every bit as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.  This little girl’s human parents describe her as calm and peaceful, yet alert and clever.  Hilda knows to wait at the gate when it’s “go to the shops” time, and will wait at the back door of the car when it’s “go to the car” time.  She’s even tried her hand … paw! …. at supervising a building site. Haha!  And those gorgeous big brown eyes are a window to your personality. Now everyone will want a fur-baby just like you Hilda!  Soulful, Smart, Sweet and even Supervisor Material!
long haired dachshund girl with golden beardintense look from young dachshund girlstraight line walk from girl dachshundhappy trot from long haired dachshund girlhead tilt while lying down girl dachshund

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