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Sneak Peeks of Mercedes

High energy Mercedes, the Cocker Spaniel, lives up to her name and loves to run everywhere, bringing her squeaky toys with her for a game …. especially when she meets someone new.  Who could resist a playful invitation like that?  And if that doesn’t work, how about that sweet little attention seeking pawshake?  Mercedes’ human family spilled the beans that she is full of cheek and mischief, despite her innocent look.  Is that a cheeky smile and mischievous glint in your eye Mercedes?   Haha!  You are a gorgeous girl!
leaping black cocker spaniel girlblack cocker spaniel lying down with fluffy toy in mouthblack cocker spaniel girl chewing on blue ballpawshake from sitting black cocker spaniel girlcheeky smile on black cocker spaniel girl

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