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Sneak Peeks of Charlie, Jordi and Eddi

Look out!  This toy could be a goner?  How gorgeous are Charlie (Whippet), Jordi (Hungarian Vizsla) and Eddi (Italian Greyhound) playing a triple tug-o-war.  Love it!!   Jordi is older fur-sister to Eddi and Charlie is their bro.   Smiling Jordi’s human parents call her their “big baby” who wants to understand their every word …… and she’s surely listening hard here.  Charlie is an independent gent who will let you know when he wants/needs a pat and/or a snuggle.  He also likes check up on his humans when he feels the need.  Awww!  Youngest … and smallest …. of the three, Eddi, thinks she’s the boss of everyone.  But she is also the “funny one” who keeps the family amused.  Hmmm …. wonder who DID get the fluffy toy in the end?
trio of dogs in tug of war next stretching hungarian vizslagrey and white italian greyhoundears pricked on sitting whippettrio of fur siblings italian greyhound, hungarian vizsla and whippet

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