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Sneak Peeks of Kesi and Lika

Careful!  These two Adorable (with a capital “A”) gals will rope you in … quite literally by the looks of it!  Lika is the black and white Border Collie cross who is blowing a kiss at the same time as giving you a high five.  How cool is that?  Kesi is the sweet faced black and tan Kelpie cross who is so talented that she can still wave “hi” whilst lying down.  Very cute Kesi!  These girls even get to do lots of camping and go on road trips with their human parents.  What lucky parents to have such beautiful and clever …. and we hear, also cuddly ….. canine company.
two girls playing tug of war with rope  kelpie cross and border collie crossblowing a kiss and high fiving border collie crosspensive border collie cross girllaid back kelpie cross waving hi while lying downbest fur pals kelpie cross and border collie cross girls

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