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Sneak Peeks of Kira and Sasha

“Woo hoo ….. I’m going to get the red ball”, says joyful Kira, a Border Collie cross gal.  Except that it looks like her best pal and fur-sister, Sasha (Siberian Husky) has beaten her to it!  Luckily they are besties so it’s share and share alike with these two.  Kira’s human mum loves how loyal she is and how Kira always greets her with that gorgeous big smile.  Which is matched only by Sasha’s stunning crystal blue eyes!  Wow!  You are definitely a pair of heart-melters, Kira and Sasha!
border collie cross on the run after red ballsiberian husky pouncing on red ballfur sibling girls border collie cross and siberian huskysmiling happily border collie crosssmiling relaxed siberian husky

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