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Sneak Peeks of Nougat

If the shoe fits, Nougat …… though apparently this sweet little girl doesn’t care so much if the shoe fits, it’s all about the inside lining.  Yummo!  Nougat (pronounced “nugget” due to her Scottish connection) is a French Bulldog Staffy cross who looks like she could walk a mile wearing that happy smile!  In between running into walls and “eating” shoes, Nougat also enjoys a good workout with her tug rope. Nougat, there’s probably no need for a TV in your home as you provide all the entertainment, laughs, and film star looks! (definitely a bit of Jack Nicholson happening in that smile!)  Haha!
cream french bulldog cross with favourite shoejack nicholson style smile on french bulldog cross dogfrench bulldog staffy cross playing tug-o-warrope chewing french bulldog staffy crossfrench bulldog staffy cross

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