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Sneak Peeks of Dexter, Alvarez and Berlioz

Delightful Dexter looks very content in the company of his fur-siblings, Alvarez (Tortoiseshell) and Berlioz (Black Domestic) ….. oh, and his huge bear toy too.  Dexter is a Terrier Chihuahua cross whose human family say is the biggest sook, but that happy huge smile would ensure he gets lots of attention anyway, sook or not.  Alvarez and Berlioz look like very laid back dudes …… just chillin’ and lookin’ absolutely fabulous!  And what stunning eyes you have, Berlioz.  A tantalising trio of talent!
tortoiseshell and black cat fur-siblingstortoiseshell cat holding fluffy toyterrier cross snuggling with cuddle toyterrier cross strutting his stufffull face of black cat with huge yellow eyes

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