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Sneak Peeks of Stormy

Hold on to your purple snuggle rugs, this adorable older gent will get your heart strings tugging!  Stormy is a 17yo Pomeranian lad who is every bit as sweet as his eyes are telling you he is.  But seventeen?  Get out of here!  What a cool little dude whose looks, and ‘gigantor’ happy smile, certainly belie his age.  And talk about an appealing “paws up” ….. that one makes his mama’s heart melt, and no doubt everyone else’s now too.  Stormy also loves to snuggle on the lounge or bed with his mama – lucky mama!  You have certainly caused a Storm in the fan club, Stormy
pomeranian draped in purplesmiling pomeranian proudly wearing name taghigh five black pomeranianhuge smile close up black pomeraniansweet elderly pomperanian wrapped in purple blanket


  1. Deb Thompson on 09/12/2017 at 7:27 PM

    i cant begin to say just how much you have captured my fur kids personalty and facial expressions ,the way they worked with stormy ,made him and my self and my daughter feel very special , and picking the pics was hard so many to choose from ,and made once again to feel special ,they def do a great job and know that your fur kid is your baby and know how special they are to you , these are genuine people who are doing a great job in capturing our fur babies pic for us that will last a life time.. thank you both so much and thank you to my daughter Lisa who made this all possible she is amazing 🙂

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