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Sneak Peeks of Annie, Oliver and Eliza

A perfect trifecta …. One Two and Three in the “Way Too Gorgeous” Stakes!  And these winners are; Sitting Sweetly Annie who 4 years older than the NBNs (watch this space!) and is loved for being the smartest, and is also giving, calm, peaceful … and so much more.  Next we have our first NBN, Oliver, happily prancing with a toy in his mouth.  He has a heart of gold – and coat to match! – but let’s his cheeky fur-sister, Eliza get one over him sometimes.  Our second NBN is Bouncing Bubble Babe, Eliza, who likes to be the ringleader and boy, has she some stories to tell about her pranks!  Finally, NBN you ask?  Naughty But Nice! (as named by their human mama)  Haha!!
trio of golden retrieverssitting sweetly gently golden retriever girlhappily running with toy in mouth golden retriever boybouncing bubble babe golden retrieverfur sibling golden retrievers playing tug of war


  1. julia fenton on 29/11/2017 at 3:01 PM

    Loving the images, can’t wait to see the others 🙂

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