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Sneak Peeks of Summer

If there’s one thing better than the Sounds of Summer …. it’s the Look of Summer!  Sweet and intelligent Summer is a Kelpie Shar Pei cross who has a very special connection with her human mum.  And Summer also connects here ….. probably saying something like; “If you would just give my tummy a good rub, I can turn right side up again”, then … “Thanks for the rub, give me five by way of thanks”, then …… “Hmm, think I need a bit of a stroll after that to loosen up”.  And before you know it, Summer’s back looking for a game of ball …… then that gorgeous look of thanks.  Every picture has painted a story Summer – you are a gorgeous girl!
upside down kelpie cross sharpeihigh five from kelpie cross sharpeisauntering black and tan sharpei kelpie crossdownward dog postion kelpie cross with blue ballblack and tan kelpie cross sharpei


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