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Sneak Peeks of Beau and Tula

Miles of smiles from Beau (Shih Tzu) and Tula (Kelpie cross), happy fur-siblings whose infectious grins light up their human parents’ lives.  Older bro Beau LOVES his tennis balls and knows what his mum and dad are talking about ….. and when they have food.  Hee hee!  Lil’ sis Tula LOVES being with her family and Beau ….. and will always run straight to his side if “protection” is needed.  Awww!   And right on cue, Tula gives her best “tummy rub request” pose to show her soft and cuddly side.  Beau and Tula, no one’s cooler!
kelpie and shih tzu palsbrown and white shih tzu chomping on tennis ballkelpie cross chomping on large orange ballsmiling shih tzu boytummy rub request from black and tan kelpie cross girl

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