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Sneak Peeks of Zali and Penny

Zali (Golden Labrador) and Penny (Black Labrador) are funster fur-sisters who love to play tug of war for hours.  Wonder if pink bunny enjoys the game as much?  Younger sister Zali sure can turn it on, going from energetic ball chaser to cutest bunny snuggler in no time.  Penny has had a previous “modelling assignment” on her own, but looks like she’s passed on all she knows to Zali …… what a natural!   Zali and Penny, you are a pair of lovely Labs who certainly know how to turn on the charm.
happy girl - smiling golden labradorleaping labrador chasing blue ballgolden labrador cuddling pink toy bunnyblack and golden labs playing tug of warhappy lab walking with yellow ball in mouth



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