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Sneak Peeks of Buster and Bruiser

Whoa!!!    He’s gaining on me!!!   Buster (Australian Cattle Dog cross) looks like he might need to step on it if he doesn’t want younger Cavoodle bro, Bruiser, to snaffle the end of his tug toy!  But these boys are really great pals and love to wrestle together.   Buster’s human parents love that he is so smart – what a hi-five!! – but what a winner is that smile? …… goes from ear to ear!  Playful Bruiser, word has it, has “an attitude”, but hey, blondes should have more fun so you just go for it, Bruiser.  Beaut Boys Buster and Bruiser!
hi-fiving australian cattle dog crossprancing blonde cavoodleear to ear smiling cattle dog crossblonde head tilting cavoodleplaying chasey cattle dog cross and blonde cavoodle


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