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Sneak Peeks of Bentley and Memphis

M’Lords and M’Ladies …..we give you Princess Memphis and Prince Bentley!  Bentley (French Bulldog) and Memphis (Bloodhound) sure look the regal part sitting on their throne.  These best fur-buds love being together, but Bentley knows that the house is really his kingdom to reign over when push comes to shove.   Belle Memphis loves to be with her human parents upon whom she showers affection ….. lucky mum and dad!  And apparently Bentley loves posing for the camera …. who would have thought?  Nailed it dude!
odd couple french bulldog and bloodhound sitting in chair togetherinquisitive brindle french bulldogregal looking bloodhound girlbloodhound black and tan sitting in easy chairfrench bulldog strutting with orange ball in mouth

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