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Sneak Peeks of Koba and Pax

Cuddly Koba packs a (fruit) punch in the “oh, too cute!!!” stakes.   This little Golden Retriever boy has already placed a huge paw print in his human parents’ lives and hearts.  Koba is still finding his way round his new home, but shows his mum why he is such a chilled out pup …. when she gives him an ice block, he takes it out the back yard and rests his head on it to sleep.  Awww!  And check out Koba’s ace fur-bro, Pax the Guinea Pig – what a dude …. and what a shake!  Pax, you so deserve that carrot for giving everyone a great big smile!

golden retriever puppy chewing on pineapple toywet guinea pig shaking water offcarrot dangling in front on guinea pigfluffy white golden retriever puppy lying on backgolden retriever puppy with fruit toys


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