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Sneak Peeks of Indiana and Paddy

Cutie couple Indiana (Kelpie Dalmatian cross) and Paddy (French Bulldog) are quite a few years apart in age, but equally close in their “mama’s” heart.   Sweet Indiana loves her cuddles, especially when it’s couch time, but she also loves her play time with younger fur-bro, Paddy.  Rumour has it that pup Paddy is the cheeky one, but hey, look at him ……. with that angelic white face, he can get away with anything!   Though Paddy, maybe stop biting Indiana’s tail – OK?

white french bulldog pup sitting with kelpie crossolder smiling brown kelpie crosswhite french bulldog lying with yellow ball in mouthgrey muzzled kelpie dalmatian cross with tennis ball in mouthplayful white french bulldog with tug toy

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