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Sneak Peeks of Honey and Kizmit

Honey in name and sweet as honey in looks is this gorgeous little black poodle.  And how lucky is that pink teddy bear to have such pretty eyes keeping guard over it?   The other half of this black and white beauty show is Honey’s younger fur-sister, Kizmit, a Maltese Poodle cross.  Though “cross” would never be a word that springs to mind when you look at that big happy smile.  Quite the contrary!  Honey goes everywhere with her human mum who describes her as “her soulmate in animal form”.   Awwww!   You are bang on the money, Honey bunny!

head tilting black poodle with white chest markingblack poodle resting on hot pink stuffed toyblack poodle leaping after pink ballsmiling white moodlesweet faced blonde moodle



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