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Sneak Peeks of Zac and Toby

Yep, this is the spot …… just give me a good belly rub right here, thanks!  Toby (black Labrador) could be saying exactly that, and with his oh-so-sweet appealing face no doubt there’s belly rubs a-plenty coming his way.  Toby is “little” fur-brother to Zac (Whippet-Kelpie cross) who is always on the go and ready for action.   Even on the alert for any overhead action!  (one never knows what exciting play things could drop from the sky does one?).   These adorable boys also best pals who love to play and cuddle together.  Too cute!

whippet kelpie cross and best pal black labradorlooking skyward tan whippet kelpie crosshard to resist look from black labradoralert and athletic tan whippet kelpie crossblack labrador in dead cockroach pose

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