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Sneak Peeks of Joseph

Look at me I can flyyy!!  OK, other than one paw just touching the floor – details, details!  Maybe he’s perfecting his pirouette?  Jumpin’ Joseph is a handsome Staffy Labrador cross who loves his own company …. and that of his favourite teddy bear that he carries everywhere with him.  Joseph’s “mum” adores it when he greets her with teddy.  And this smart fella has also mastered the “sulk” look which he turns on when his “parents” leave the house …. cos that means treat time!   Joseph, love ya work!

pirouetting staffy labrador crossstaffy labrador cross with favourite teddy in mouthsideways glancing brown and brindle staffy lab crossblack and brindle staff lab cross on the prowlintent stare from male staffy lab cross

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