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Sneak Peeks of Rex

Have you ever seen so much tug rope disappear into one infectious, happy smile?  Rex is a young Rottweiler pup with a gentle soul who loves everyone …. unless you are a stuffed toy, then game on!  Along with his human family, Rex lives with his three puss cat fur-siblings who he loves to groom.   That is SO sweet of you Rex and really shows the soft side of your …. pussonality?   Love your big, baby, puppy dog eyes too, Rex – can’t help but go dotty over this Rottie!

rottweiler pup smiling with mouth full of tug ropegangly rottweiler puppy large pawed rottie pup resting headpink toy about to get it from rottweiler puprottweilere pup with rawhide chew stick

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