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Sneak Peeks of Molly and Zoe

Molly (black Border Collie cross) is kindly demonstrating the true meaning of relaxed ….. even her tongue complies!  Whilst fur-sister, Zoe (tri-colour Border Collie cross) give an equally impressive demonstration of how to deal with a pesky stick.  Splendid work girls!  Younger sister Molly is the “couch potato” of the two so no wonder she has mastered the “relax” position – lots of practice?  Big sister Zoe is “top dog” and loves rounding everyone up – including Molly.  She looks pretty pleased with herself about that too.  Gorgeous smiles and gorgeous gals!

funny face border collie cross lolling on sidestick destroying border collie crossregal pose smiling border collie crossgrinning border collie crosschomping on a stick cocker spaniel border collie cross

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