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Sneak Peeks of Alfie and Hunter

Not only are Alfie (Corgi) and Hunter (Bull Arab cross) excellent at tugging on their play rope together, they have also mastered tugging at their human parents’ heart-strings.  Awww!  Playful boy Hunter loves to impress “mum” with his play bows, while happy Alfie loves to play fetch …. especially with fur-bro Hunter.  Apparently Alfie also loves to follow his “mum” everywhere ……. yep, even “there”!  Haha!  And Hunter reckons sitting in a lap, like a child, is just about the best thing ever.  Alfie and Hunter, you are a pair of very cool pups.  Keep on tuggin’!!

white bull arab cross doing play bowbig earred corgi with large red ballwhite bull arab cross soulful face corgi with tug rope hanging from mouthbull arab cross and corgi playing tug of war

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