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Sneak Peeks of Madge

Warning!!  An involuntary “Awww” is about to escape your lips.  Sweet and soft faced Madge makes you want to reach out and give that tummy a big ol’ rub.  Her human family say she can be both cheeky and placid, whilst always offering unconditional love.  Suspect they were thinking of another dog when they mentioned “cheeky”?  No Way!!  Not with that face and those eyes ….. even when playing with a ball and rope, not a sign of cheek.  And Madge “allegedly” brings parts of the garden into the house.  Madge, you have been framed!!  You are one lovely and lovable Labrador!

please rub my tummy black labradorblack labrador tugging on large ropelarge pink ball in black lab's mouthtired after a game of rope black labsoft faced black labrador girl


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