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Sneak Peeks of Risk, Zest and Wow

“Stay down Zest, this is MY time to star!” could be what funster Risk (Chocolate Merle Border Collie) is saying to his younger fur-brother (Black and White Border Collie).  We’ve been told that Risk likes to ham it up for attention ….. who would have thought?  You’re a hoot, Risk!  Younger fur-bro Zest can be full on, but is a real softie as well ….. AND he can even “talk”!  Are you saying “Get your paw out of my face, Risk!”?  Youngest fur-bro, Wow (Tawny Abyssinian) completes this terrific and talented trio.  Wow loves to play with alfoil balls – in fact anything shiny – and loves his dog bros too. Check out those amazing eyes … Wow, Wow!

two border collies hamming it up chocolate merle border collie clowning aroundcheeky grin black and white border collietawny abyssinian cat with huge green eyessweet smiling black and white border collie boy



  1. Suz on 09/10/2017 at 2:06 PM

    Ken has captured my babies personalities perfectly, again, & as always. We’re already looking forward to when our newest addition, little Wish, grows enough to have her session in a couple of years… I get lost in time staring at these & find myself smiling in appreciation. My only regret is that we have to choose a selection amongst so many fabulous shots. We LOVE the team at Zoo Studio. They are consistently great people to work with, & wonderfully talented individuals to know xx… Anyone toying with the idea of getting portraits done, save your pocket money & just do it!!!

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