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Sneak Peeks of Ellie, Luna and Lettie

A Huggle of Puggles!  Introducing big fur-sister, Ellie (fawn), middle fur-sister, Luna (black), and youngest of the trio, Lettie (fawn) …… aka “Baby Princess”!  Ellie is her human mum’s shadow, following her everywhere in her very loyal and placid way.  Luna also likes to shadow “mum”, but in a slightly more “in your face” way ….. eg “smacking” her sisters out of the way when she is demanding some attention.   Hee hee!  As for Lettie ….. well, word is out that she just struts her stuff and does what she wants when she wants.  You go girl!!  A talented trio indeed.

head tilting fawn pug standing upsmiling pink tongue out black pugquizzical stare fawn pugdeep in concentration back pugtrio of pug siblings fawn and black

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