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Sneak Peeks of Indie and Murphy

Don’t let those teeth fool you – Indie (Chocolate Labrador) and Murphy (Golden Labrador) are just young’uns who love to have playful “fights” with each other, but don’t have a nasty bone in their bodies ….. and always “make up” over a good-natured game of tug rope.  Older fur-sister, Indie, is an independent gal who melts her human mum’s heart with those big engaging eyes.  Indie also impresses her family with several tricks.  Fur-brother Murphy is the “cheeky” lad of the two, but wins his family over with lots of cuddles ….. and he loves to “talk” to them too.  Indie and Murphy, if those smiles could talk, you’d both probably be saying “we love life, each other, and our family”.  Awww!

play fighting golden and chocolate labradors on hind legssweet faced golden labradorlobsided tongue smiling chocolate labradorlaid back golden and chocolate labradorsgolden and chocolate labradors playing with tug rope

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