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Sneak Peeks of Brutus and Squishy

Brutus (Himalayan cross) and Squishy (Exotic) are “brotherly beauticians” who love to preen each other anywhere, anytime ….. and looks like they do a purrfect job of keeping each at their handsome best!  Brutus has his human mum spellbound and besotted with his beautiful blue eyes.  And when he’s not being adored enough, he will knock jars off the bench to get some more attention.  Hee hee!  Squishy is a real cuddler who “kneads” his human mum with his paws when she mentions “making biscuits”.  Awwww!  What a clever “cookie”!  Haha!  Brutus and Squishy, you are CATegorically too cute!

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