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Sneak Peeks of Keif, Reg and Ziggy

Keif and Reg (Delightful Dachshunds) are chalk and cheese in personality, but that’s exactly what their human family love about them.  Youngest fur-sibling Ziggy balances out the mix.  Keif is the elder statesman and at 13 years of age is still the leader of the pack.  He is also very gentle and caring, and recognises if anyone is stressed, going straight up to ask “RUOK”?  Sweet boy, Keif!  Middle man Reg, a cheeky lad rumour has it, is also beautiful in nature.  Ziggy complements both boys perfectly, being described as “sensible and sane” …. and obviously a handsome young man to boot!

dachshund staring down the lenssweet faced tan dashywhite clipped mixed breedpair of tan dachshunds sitting on ottomantan dachshund bros with white fur-bro


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