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Sneak Peeks of Delilah

Delightful Delilah the Dalmatian is her human mum’s bundle of happiness.   This young girl has already proven to be very smart and seems she has even mastered make-up application.  Check out those perfect “eyeliner” eyes and talk about pretty in pink with those toe nails!  You must have a very steady paw, Delilah?   In between looking so stunning, Delilah loves a good romp with her toys, especially balls.  Woo hoo!  Take a bow Delilah, you are one gorgeous gal!  Wow – she did …  she IS smart!

dalmatian with eyeliner eyeswhite faced dalmation chasing yellow ballwhite faced dalmatian sitting serenlywhite faced dalmation chasing yellow balltaking a bow dalmatian

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