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Sneak Peeks of Louie

Sadly, Louie, a stunning Eclectus Parrot has flown across the Rainbow Bridge, no doubt adding a splash of his own amazing colours to that rainbow as he passed by.  However, he very much lives on in his human family’s hearts and home.  Louie certainly made his mark in their home being a real chatterbox, wishing everyone “good morning” and “good night”, keeping the dog in line when being noisy with “Dudley, stop it”, and mimicking the telephone and microwave to name a few.  Rest in peace Lovely Louie, a colourful character in every sense.

coming in to land eclectus parrotflying profile eclectus parrotone legged stand on perch eclectus parrotback view of flying eclectus parrotflying ecelctus parrotforward wing flap flying eclectus parrot

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