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Sneak Peeks of Beau and Arnie

What a pair of cool dudes these guys are; Beau the Smiley Staffy and Arnie the Bouncy Boxer.   Beau makes his human mum’s heart melt with his big smiley face – easy to see why!  And this boy give his family the best of both characters, swinging from his ball chasing, Kong chewing social butterfly to being a super sooky cuddler.  Awww!  Arnie’s human dad just loves his “goofy” playful side – look out ball here comes Arnie!!  And that croissant might not be around to much longer either!  You boys rock ….. smiley, strong, and sensational!
paw-up smiling blue staffyboxer leaping at red ball huge mouth openblue staffy about to poince on yellow balldroopy jowls boxerhead tilting sitting blue staffybrown and white boxer looking skywardsleaping blue staffyboxing waiting for his croissantblue staffy tugging on multi-coloured ropebrown and white boxer about to pounce on ball


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