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Sneak Peeks of Mr Left, Miss Right and Audi

Seems Audi (French Bulldog) is not only very attached to his human family, but is a bit of a “Pug’s man” too.  Mr Left and Miss Right (slightly smaller of the two Pugs) were doing fine in the “fur partner” department until Audi came along and swept Miss Left off her paws.  Now Mr Left has been … well … Left Right out!  But worry not, Mr Left’s human family love this independent old gentleman.  Miss Left is a happy little girl who is smitten with Audi ….but sadly hers is an unrequited love as Audi “steers” towards his human dad instead.  What a plot for a movie these cuties’ story would make!

tongue poking fawn pugssmiling pied french bulldogserious faced fawn pugfawn pug with blue ball in mouthtongue out smiles two pugs and one french bulldog

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