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Sneak Peeks of Yoyo and Blackie

BC?  Beautiful Creatures?  Both Charming?  Oh yes …. Border Collies!!  Yoyo (short haired) and Blackie (long haired) are their human mum’s cuddle pups, but also have heaps of tricks up their sleeves (well, they would if they had sleeves).   Yoyo’s favourites are dividing his time between “attacking” water bottles, chasing balls, and pulling stuffing out of soft toys.  Blackie doesn’t mind a bit of “counter surfing” when he can sneak in a secret graze, but best of all he loves being “mummy’s boy”.  But what you both do best, Yoyo and Blackie, is show off your gorgeous happy smiles!

long haired and short haired pair of border colliesshort haired border colie with paw uptail swishing black and white border collieears up and down black and white border collieshort haired border collie with green ball in mouth

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