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Sneak Peeks of Liberty

Stunning young Liberty’s human mum loves all things New York, but none more than her very own “Lady Liberty”.  But unlike the statue Liberty, this little girl is full of character, and you could just go swimming in those pools of greenie/caramel eyes.  Liberty also keeps her mum entertained with her play antiques and has mastered the “fish toy barrel roll”.  Something else you have in common with the USA, Liberty ….. Undeniably Special Aristocat!

caramel coloured eyes tortoiseshell catsitting on hind legs tortoiseshell domestic catelegantly sitting tortoiseshell catsitting side on looking over shoulder tortoiseshell cattortoiseshell cat with white bib



  1. Kim on 23/08/2017 at 4:23 PM

    Liberty is a cheeky gorgeous gal.. great pics

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