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Sneak Peeks of Nikki

They say blondes have more fun, and I think Nikki the Cocker Spaniel might be planning to paint the town pink in her ‘pretty as’ matching bow tie?  Nikki’s human parents adopted her several month ago as an older rescue girl, but boy has she landed on her paws with them!  This gentle sweet natured girl now gets to relax on the bed or couch, is learning to chase her ball, and will smile and “tap dance” when the treats come out.  Nikki, with your gorgeous long curly ears, and regal look, it’s easy to see why you are a heart melter.

pretty white cocker spaniel in pink polka dot bow tiewalking white cocker spaniel girl

elegant and regal pose white cocker spanielsnoozing on cushion white cocker spaniellong curly earred white cocker spaniel

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