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Sneak Peeks of Suki and Titus

Brindle Staffy, Suki, looks she about to tell the world what a very busy life she has organising her younger brother, Titus (black Staffy) and their human family.  Known affectionately as “the union rep”, Suki loves to keep busy, including being Numero Uno guard dog.  Once all’s in order at the end of the day, Suki enjoys her relax time ….. until tomorrow!  Woo hoo!   Laid back Titus loves a wrestle with his big sister, and also reckons fetch is a pretty cool way to spend his time …… followed by as many cuddles as he can get.  What a pair of Happy Staffies!


trying to speak brindle staffyflying ears brindle staffysweet faced black staffyorange ball in mouth black staffyblack and brindle staffy siblings

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