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Sneak Peeks of Timothy

Terrific Timothy doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to looking after his human family!  Timothy is a certified Medial Alert dog and the only Airedale to have achieved this status.  Onya Timothy!  He knows when it’s serious work time, but can also really let his hair down when not at work.  Timothy’s humans have referred to him as a scallywag and mischievous, but that saintly head tilt surely says that’s can’t possibly be true?   Timothy, you are one loyal, smart, and heaps-o-fun young lad.

certified medical alert airedalesmiley face standing airedalehead tilt airedalehappy running airedalemedical alert airedale hugging his human



  1. Sue wright on 09/05/2017 at 2:56 PM

    Timothy ❤️ Such a handsome boy ❤️

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