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Sneak Peeks of Inky, Chelsea, Zeus and Ella

A twenty legged family?  How cool is that!  Pugs Inky (sweet-n-petite), Chelsea (white chest marking) and Ella (fawn) have convinced Zeus (Chihuahua/Fox Terrier) that he’s also a Pug.  Pug hugs all round!  Inky is the human of the group (just ask her!), Chelsea is known for being the most loyal, Zeus can do a very good honorary pug snort, and Ella is the active girl of the gang – and what a happy big smile.  Check out that tongue!  What a gorgeous family of huggable puggables (yes, Zeus, that’s you too!)

small black pug standing between human legssweet faced small black pugblack pug with tongue poking outblack and white chihuahua fox terrier crossfawn pug with pink soft toythree black and fawn pugs with chihuahua fax terrier cross



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