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Sneak Peeks of Charlie and Nixie

Charlie (Toy Poodle) and Nixie (Italian Greyhound) are great pals though rumour has it that they do like to tease their sibling cat – all in a day’s fun!  Charlie is a confident, but sweet natured boy who keeps his human family busy ….. and his toys from the looks of it.  Go Charlie!!  Nixie, aka the Princess at home, is elegance personified (or is that dogified?), and boy can she rock it in a fur collar.

black toy poodle with fluffy earsblack toy poodle leaping at toycross legged black and white italian greyhounditalian greyhound in fur collarblack poodle and italian greyhound playing tug of war


  1. Kate on 02/05/2017 at 1:14 PM

    I can not wait to view the rest of the beautiful photos of my fur babies!! These are beyond incredible!

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