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Sneak Peeks of Sarah and Charm

Sweet Sarah’s beautiful black and tan face (she’s a Gordon Setter) lets you know how content she is with life ….. and how content she makes her “mum”.  Sarah is mum’s special shadow and companion.   Younger sister – at 12yo! – Charm (Cocker Spaniel) has the wise look of one who knows she’s a human.  What a pair of Stunning Seniors!  (what’s the secret girls?)

jw-fb-1 jw-fb-2 jw-fb-4 jw-fb-3jw-fb-5


  1. Jennifer on 14/03/2017 at 8:31 PM

    Thank you Ken – Sarah was a bit of a challenge but you are a genius – both my old girls look amazing – I am in love with these sneak peeks – can’t wait to see the other photos on Saturday. So exciting. ????????

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